AW 15.16 >> AW15.16 THE MAKE OF

A deep look into the urban modernism and engineering design of the Italian fifties that still today inspires most of the avant-garde architectures, with a new idealism spreading where the working environment became a place to stimulates creativity and sensibility to other people's lives and their communities for the final benefit of the entire society.

Our AW15-16 man is a man who lives, builds and works in his city, who looks after functionality and design details. He wants to feel smart and different in a “birdseye” trousers or in a cashmere/silk crew neck jumper, wearing an everyday “utility shirt”. He chooses for himself only what better identify his ideals of a product, well distinguished from the mass but without renouncing to a hint of classicism. This is a luxury casualwear collection where classic meets modern, colours are dark and neutral and branding logos are almost absent letting the style talk for itself.

Silhouettes slightly oversized give space to fabrics that fall and open naturally on the sides of the body without any constriction emphasising the casual fit of the garments even modifying patterns with drop armhole and drop crotch pants. The excess of fabric is pinned on mannequin in wide and deep pleats, these elements are playing in the whole collection through lights and shades in dramatic “chiaroscuri”. Oriental reminiscences in the shirts are the Kimono sleeves and the Korean collar. The real Horn and real MoP Trocas buttons are distinctive details of the collection with the double breast plackets and the “one off” last button giving linearity to the smoothness of the garments that define the silhouettes. Collars are well studied and developed in design. Revised turtle, crew neck and “all one piece scarf” for jumpers, with self start and row edge finishing, split rib panels with contrast colour piping and overlock details. Shirts with their clean lines present a casual Revere collar, softly structured in simple double breast or polo style. Tailoring trousers, structured with contrast fabrics in the internal waistband and handmade pitch stitching, show design details like the visible buttons front plackets or the asymmetric legs, geometric cut pockets and deep front pleats that give large volume. Hints of modern reinterpretation of a traditional garment.

Neutral. Grey concrete, pure and dusty melanges in all his shades. Pure Black.

Natural fibres. Cashmere, Silk, Superkid Mohair worked single or mescole’ with Extrafine Merino Wool for a stripy textured effect. Sophisticated finishing techniques like Anti Shrinkage and Total Easy Care (WOOLMARK ®) for a better resistance of the yarns to the washing cycles.
100% Cotton Flannel 70’ melange, “fishbone” design.
100% Wool 140’Super, “birdseye” design and
100% Wool 100’Super Flannel melange.
Real Horn Buttons matt and shiny finishing.
Real Mother of Pearl Trocas shirts buttons with matt finishing.